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Living With Fulfillment

A Life Worth Living

Significant financial wealth brings challenges of its own. How do you find meaning beyond material success? How does wealth impact the dynamics of power, loyalty, generosity and trust with your family and friends?

The relationship between money and happiness is a complex one. Responding to input from successful families and their advisors, PFC has created opportunities for you to learn from experts and share common experiences with your peers.

Giving Back

People with great wealth often desire to give back to the community. Great business men, such as Warren Buffet, Chair of Berkshire Hathaway, donated $30 billion to the Gates Foundation - who then in turn donates great talent and resources to help eradicate malaria and river blindness.

For individuals with such wealth, giving back can be much more complicated than just writing a check to whomever solicits donations. PFC can help ensure that your contribution really helps to achieve its purpose.

When developing your philanthropic strategy, our staff can assist in finding necessary resources to ensure your donations are being sent to legitimate organizations and monitor how effectively your dollars have been spent.

Charitable trusts can be used to provide tax advantaged planning for the donors while making an impact for your favorite charity or your own family foundations.

Our goal is to provide recommendations that are suitable for you - focusing on preserving assets and minimizing taxes. We truly believe that one of the greatest attributes of wealth is the ability to contribute to your community.